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Bowker Standard Address Number (云顶国际手机app下载)

Fast Facts

1) Uniquely identifies a specific address
2) Developed specifically for the publishing industry
3) Helps eliminate errors in order processing


The Standard Address Number (云顶国际手机app下载) system, initiated and maintained by Bowker, has become the identification code for electronic communication within the industry.

It is the method used by PUBNET, X*NET, , and PacStream (the Australian EDI service) systems and is required in all electronic data interchange communications using the Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee (BISAC) EDI formats.

The 云顶国际手机app下载 is used for identification of customers for electronic ordering transmission, voice recognition ordering systems, teleordering, for billing or shipping account numbers, etc.

The use of the 云顶国际手机app下载 significantly reduces the problems faced by other non-standard numbering systems, like billing errors, books shipped to the wrong points, and errors in payments and returns.

Organizations who buy 云顶国际手机app下载s include book and journal publishers, wholesalers and distributors, book retailers and college bookstores, libraries, schools, universities, paper and cloth manufacturers, printers and binders, as well as anyone else involved in the manufacturing of books and journals.


  • 云顶国际手机app下载s help reduce errors in shipping, billing, returns, and payment.
  • 云顶国际手机app下载s ensure accuracy in order fulfillment by uniquely identifying an address when processing orders electronically.
  • 云顶国际手机app下载s benefit all orgainizations related to the publishing industry, from publishers, wholesalers, and retailers to libraries, schools, and book manufacturers.


  • 云顶国际手机app下载s uniquely identify an address when processing orders electronically
  • 云顶国际手机app下载s are required in communications using BISAC EDI formats
  • 云顶国际手机app下载s are used by PUBNET, X*NET, and PacStream


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