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Fast Facts

1) The most trusted and authoritative source for bibliographic data
2) Dynamic Enrichment
3) Interactive Recommendations


Bowker® is uniquely positioned to help support our customers in a publisher-centric and vendor-neutral approach to marketing and selling books and/or ebooks. Bowker is the leader in the aggregation of information about books and publishers.

Bowker Data Licensing services include; Raw Data, and Data On Demand.

Most Authoritative Data

Bowker Data Licensing relies on our comprehensive data collection process in order to maintain a high rate of quality control. As the exclusive ISBN agency in the United States and Australia,  Bowker is the world’s leading authority for bibliographic and publisher information.

Powered by Books In Print

Powered by the over 40 million global titles in Books In Print, used by tens of thousands of retailers, search engines, online retailers and libraries worldwide, our data reaches well beyond just a book description and reviews.

Solutions To Improve Conversion Rates

Help retailers improve their conversion rates with LibraryThing™, the most comprehensive source for user generated book content. LT has over one million reviews vetted by a library professional, and over 2.3 million ratings, 1.8 million reviews, 30 million recommendations and over 100 million content tags.

Syndetics Unbound integrates seamlessly with your existing catalog or discovery layer to provide interactive exploration and increase the circulation of your collection, and is backed by comprehensive data from ProQuest and LibraryThing.

Publisher Authority Database

Bowker has historically been the most trusted source for bibliographic data. Our comprehensive Publisher Authority Database compiles over 750,000 active publisher profiles, allowing our customers to identify, research, and solidify their purchases.

Raw Data License

For organizations with specialized data needs, Bowker provides the option of a raw data site license of Books In Print®. A raw data site license allows your organization to utilize these valuable bibliographic databases, via your own software.

Data On Demand

Data On Demand is designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over the web. Data on Demand allows client programs to easily connect, issue queries, and obtain the data they need using our RESTful APIs.

Our metadata offers a wealth of information related to print books, ebooks, college textbooks, audio books, and more. This is the core data that our customers (retailers, publishers, and bookstores) use every day, and what powers our search and discovery services, like Books In Print® and Syndetic Solutions™.

With Bowker Data On Demand, your programs can more easily connect, query, and obtain the data they need, ensuring easier front-end title discoverability for your customers. With the entry-level version of Data On Demand, you gain access to basic bibliographic data, seamless access to the critical book and ebook metadata you need and a self-contained web application serving custom metadata that can be published, located, and invoked across the web.

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